Shou Monk
Typecultural lore

Many people of Kalaran and Padimza have a culture based around Geejudan. In the most simplest terms this means one with body, mind, and soul. The interpretation of this cultural ideal is open to the follower. It could take the form of flagellate monks that daily flail themselves to purge the soul of chaotic influence, or just the opposite with the entropic barbarians of Qibemjues who claim that when they commit rapine and slaughter, they are opening the way for the infinite energies of Chaos. Between these two extremes of Law and Chaos, there are variations of the two, but one thing is for certain, nearly all Shou and Demacian of their respective regions practice some form of Geejudan. It is such a strong value among these people that they fight wars over how it should be practiced.

A number of classes are based on Geejudan. These include, but are not limited to, kensai, samurai and shugenja. Followers of Geejudan with chaotic leanings, may also become wilders, wild mages, and frenzied barbarians.

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