Hydra Spawn of Bryakus
RegionClans, High Wood Country, Troll Bogs
MapFelbarum Wasteland

Felbarum is a rugged volcanic wasteland crossing three regions. Sloping downward from the north, it is a landscape cracked with canyons, ravines, and cliffs. Once a highly geothermal zone, today the area is very rugged, dry, and dusty. Much of the water here is mineral colored, chemical tainted, sickening to outsiders.

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), this area was torn and baked by the birth of four volcanoes. Machines of Surtur, their rise brought on earthquakes and great lava flows. Named Felbarum after one of Surtur's best generals, the area was to be a base for the primordial's fiery legions.

When the war was done, Surtur's Felbarum Army went on to fight in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). After the demon war, the army disbanded, its soldiers becoming the area's natives - fire giants, red dragons, ash crawlers, fire mephits, smoke mephits, firenewts, and host of other fiery types.

In more recent times, the area has become home to hydras. Blamed on the frequent eruptions of Anaz, a massive petrified neck and head of some monstrosity of ages past was left exposed. Later expeditions, and accounts from the area's fire giant shamans, ancients gifted with immortality, say the petrified object is part of the slain primordial Bryakus; and that when it bleeds, a hydra is spawned.

In one of the many battles of the Creation War, Ares battled Bryakus on the slopes of Anaz and across Felbarum. In a running fight lasting days, Ares hurled his legendary shield at his foe, severing one of its hydra heads. Lodged in the severed head, Bryakus's blood destroyed the shield, leaving behind thousands of arjale shards.

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