RegionClans, High Wood Country, Troll Bogs
MapFelbarum Wasteland

Felbarum is a rugged volcanic wasteland of the Khizunul mountain range. It slopes downward from the north and dotted with steep escarpments. There are basins here with mineral colored waters that are often to toxic to drink. Felbarum is hot and dry, making these waters a prime hunting grounds for predators.

Felbarum has high geothermal activity, with three active volcanoes, many smaller cones, several dormant volcanoes and countless gurgling pools of mud and boiling water. In many places, the environment is toxic with poisonous gases blowing from crevices and small volcanic cones. Felbarum is home to creatures having a liking for this type of environment; fire giants, red dragons, ash crawlers, firenewts, salamanders, and so on.

In more recent times, the area has seen a larger than normal number of hydras roaming the blasted landscape. Dwarven explorers of the area claim that a recent eruption of Anaz caused a massive landslide. This exposed a massive petrified neck and head of some monstrosity of ages past. Later expeditions and accounts of the fire giant shamans of the area claim that this petrified object is part of the slain primordial Bryakus. The fire giant shamans also say that sometimes the object bleeds and from this liquid, a hydra is spawned. History of the Dawn Era tells us even more, for in the Creation War, Ares battled Bryakus in this area. The then archangel Ares used his shield Ares's Shear in this epic combat. One of the properties of this artifact was that it enlarged whenever it was hurled in combat, matching the size category of the target. When the shield's razor edge severed one of the necks off of Bryakus it became lodged in the primordial's great body. Bryakus's blood ended up destroying the great size of the shield and breaking it into many parts. The destruction of Ares's Shear left pieces of arjale scattered about the battle site. This arjale has been used to make a few powerful magic items, like the Discus of Ares - "a mortal version of the legendary Ares's Shear".

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