RegionHigh Wood Country

Neithreth is a seaweed choked bay bordered by mangrove swamps. The bay was not always so clogged with underwater vegetation. Up until the 1300s it had several villages and towns of the Spirachiln on its shores. It is widely believed that the Tendrils of Taurquion caused the rapid seaweed growth in the bay. When these Tendrils spread in and around Ralvalloth they begin to change the colors of the streams and greatly affected the plants in the area. The Cheldremn say that the Tendrils became chaos infused after coming near Ralvalloth. This caused plants to grow faster and larger, but some mutated into poisonous plants and even into sentient species. Towards the end of that century, the bay became so choked with seaweed and vegetation that traveling the area by boat was a laborious task. It was also during this time that large numbers of Graagvrii began migrating to this area from northern Hight Wood Country and the southwestern parts of the Great Expanse. Around the Year 1410, the tritons of Caradruk began raiding the villages and towns of Spirachiln. As a result of incessant raiding, Spirachiln had abandoned the area by 1420.

In the deeps of Neithreth are several undersea fortresses. These are ruled by the triton barons of Caradruk. Because of hostiles on shore and underwater, the bay is generally avoided by fishermen and for harbor.

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