RegionHigh Wood Country
MapNeithreth Bay

Neithreth is a seaweed choked bay bordered by mangrove swamps. The bay was not always so clogged with underwater vegetation. Up until the 1300s it had several villages and towns of the Spirachiln on its shores. When the Tendrils, always expanding, reached Ralvalloth they were warped by old powers. The cultists of Cheldremn say the Tendrils were chaos infused, causing plants to grow faster and larger, changing color, then becoming otherworldly.

By 1390, the bay was so choked with seaweed and vegetation that traveling the area by boat was a laborious task. It was also during this time that large numbers of Graagvrii began settling here. Around the Year 1410, the tritons of Caradruk began raiding the villages and towns of both the Spirachiln and the new arrivals. By 1420, the Spirachiln had completely abandoned the area.

In the deeps of Neithreth are several undersea fortresses ruled by the triton barons of Caradruk.

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