RegionTribe Steppes

Monwuil is a deep lake on Sava'loth's northeastern edge. This area is hotly contested by the Angrods and the Jara. A common Angrod tactic is to sail about this lake, raining arrows and magic upon roving bands of jara.

The quick temper of the jara makes them irrational, with them charging into the water in frustration, where they are summarily attacked by giant gar and their Angrod submariners.

- Únel Laelarwath, from a training manual for fighting jara - "Jara's Temper"

Monwuil's lake bottom is coated with more than just jara bones. In the Demon Spawn War, prisoners were catapulted into the lake from the battlements of Devdine. Most of these victims were halfling soldiers serving under Avandra.

The Monwuil Twine begins at the southern tip of this lake. It flows south where it joins with the great river Anassúmë. The headwaters of Monwuil Twine are treacherous rapids limiting them to rafts or swimmers for more than ten miles.

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