Moregar's Black Athroond road
RegionsHells Womb, Drarthiel

Moregar is a massive sink-hole, 15 miles across, descending into the Underdark region Drarthiel. It has been the source of Underdark raids and evil for thousands of years. Today, the most bothersome creatures to come from below are kuo-toa slavers out of Shoglomph. Peoples of Scartaris, CelebriƤn, and travelers of Gwaeldior have all disappeared from the surface, never to be seen or heard from again.

During the reign of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan, a road was built into this sink-hole and then excavation began on a tunnel to pass under the hostile elven woodlands on the surface. The tunnel passed under Gwaeldior, then through part of Ufthag before emerging in the ruins of the old dwarven fortress Targind-Nal. Moregar and this road served as a major communication and supply line for the Black Tide. Moregar's entrance to the Black Athroond road is still used today by traders and explorers seeking a wide and rather safe entrance into Drarthiel.

Notable Areas