Area160 sq miles
Local MapHarknori Reach

Hlaeust is a volcanic wasteland that is continually being changed by Knis-Leir. This active volcano often erupts, spewing ash, debris, and lava into this area. It is fairly common to see streams of lava flowing this area.

The Orgerd road winds through this wasteland, northeast towards Harknori and southwest to Gird. This road is the fastest and safest means of getting through the area. The road is built on ground above the more dangerous areas, but there are still gas vents and other hazards close to the road. Sounds from the ground are often enough to give alarm of something getting ready to erupt, like geysers of scaling water or clouds of noxious and maybe poisonous gases.

Hlaeust is home to flame snakes, fire trolls, cinder swarms, conflagration oozes, and other terrors. Sometimes, humanoids can be seen in lava fields of Hlaeust. They brave the predators of this area in search of gems and raw blutium blown out of Knis-Leir or carried along its lava flows.

Notable Areas