Local MapHarknori Reach

Falgar is a verdant area in an otherwise desolate volcanic land. In this oasis of green are vast farms. Falgar is owned by the Harknori and leased out to various fire giant merchant clans. Long ago, the giants and a large slave force built berms, canals and other measures to protect this area from the threat of immolation. Sometimes, a particularly violent eruption torches the area, and leaves a much richer soil for future harvests.

Falgar is an odd area for the desolation that surrounds it, more so for the fact that giants and others of the region did not traditionally deal in large scale farming. When the north was ruled by the Volgads, their merchants transported produce, like vegetables and fruits, from the northern areas into the central and southern reaches of Borngring. The fire giants and other consumers of this produce came to rely on these goods, which made them a staple.

In the Lava Flood War (110 HE - 125 HE), the giants drove the Volgads from Borngring. This ended all trade between Nithian merchants and the people of this area. As a result, the people of Borngring no longer had access to the fruits and vegetables that they had been accustomed to. The giants and others spent many years laboring to produce the conditions to farm the rich volcanic soil. Falgar turned out to be the safest place and best suited for farming. After two centuries, it came to cover an area of over a 1,000 square miles. Naturally, the produce from Falgar led to a trade boon, rise of merchant houses and companies, rivalries, and jealousy. This jealousy comes from the have-nots of the Hlimi Kingdoms, which covet Harknori's farmlands.