PortDistance toPort
Barun-Mitân2 miles Barulêth
Barulêth65 miles Zigân-Zadân
Zigân-Zadân0 milesDargirth
Southwest to Northeast Ports of Call

The Kaminâth is a gradient river that begins in the Uradûnê mountains. It flows fast and rough to the northeast. It passes through Barun-Mitân by a series of waterfalls and then down the Uradûnê Plateau. The upper reaches of the river, south of Barun-Mitân, are rated as Class 5 white water. Some people of the region make sport of these rapids. The rapids are not their only worry though, the hills and highlands are home to bugbears, goblins, griffons and other potential foes. Some people have been kidnapped by bandits and held for ransom. As a result, Kaminâth white water expeditions are often an expensive affair.

At the bottom of the Uradûnê Plateau, the river cuts across Sahânzar. It moves through grape and farms and then past the small village of Barulêth. This town is the farthest that galleys can up the river. The river heads northeast through Sahânzar, passing more fields and wetlands. About twenty miles from Orondir and the Dargirth, the fields end and the land is more like frontier with a smattering of ruins. These ruins were old settlements that were abandoned after suffering deluges from the Ice Cap Melt. The Kaminâth feeds into a great river called the Dargirth. Where these two rivers meet is Zigân-Zadân. This town is built on stilts and protected by permanent walls of force. These walls are here to provide some protection from the periodic flooding of the two rivers.

Notable Areas