Gimirkazân is a swamp south of the Khazarkar city Nirzanâth. It is the wettest area of the Sahânzar basin, formed by the drainage coming south from Izagûnê and the flooding of the river Avalninâth. Nirzanâth's sewers also drain into this area. As a result, there is a fair amount of trash and junk. During the rainy seasons, the swamp becomes a shallow lake.

Gimirkazân is home to an unusually high number of hags. Sometimes these foul creatures are accompanied by hydras, will-o-wisps, or basilisks. The basilisk and hydras are sometimes trophy hunted by lavish hunting expeditions out of Nirzanâth. This has not stopped these deadly predators from inhabiting the swamp. Most believe there numbers are kept steady by creatures being let out of, or escaping from the Taugkar Warrens.

Notable Areas