PortDistance toPort
Core Sea70 milesSakarumân
Sakarumân235 miles Nirzanâth
Nirzanâth200 miles Dargirth
West to East Ports of Call
MapAvalninâth River

When the Khazarkar Empire came to dominate Cinazan, they named this river after Rônal Avalninâth. At the time, he was the highest inquisitor in charge of pacification efforts across Melvad.

The Avalninâth river flows east from the Core Sea. Beginning at the Eämbavië delta, the river converges and then flows east through ancient sea basin of the Nermanis Sea. This basin is called Sahânzar. The river merges with Dargirth on the eastern edge of Sahânzar. Near its start, the river is very deep, following a 600 to 900' wide sunken canyon. This sunken canyon ends one mile east of Sakarumân. After this ruined city, the river gets much more shallow and widens to roughly a half mile across. The Avalninâth continues through the basin to the far eastern edge, where it merges with the Dargirth. The journey by boat from the head of the river to Dargirth is a little over 500 miles.

Notable Areas