PortDistance toPort
Hel140 milesSahurrigath
Sahurrigath90 milesSathulkazar
Sathulkazar150 milesArdilthôr
Ardilthôr160 milesMavraphas
Mavraphas140 milesNelaryotar
Nelaryotar270 milesHullbreaker Bay
North to South Ports of Call
RegionIce Cap, Cinazan, Miradelgûn
MapRute River

Rute is a wide and fast-moving river that begins in the Ice Cap region. The upper section of the river is often clogged with chunks of ice that continuously break free from the glacier. In this area, the melting of the glacier is largely a result of the hot geothermal waters of Bilmgar and the heat radiating from the northern Temple of Begnhidrir. The ice flowing down the river is a blue-ice, like much of the ice found across Ice Cap. The ice can be encountered as far as Sathulkazar before the warmer temperatures of Cinazan reduce them to water.

After Sathulkazar, the river Rute widens to almost two miles and then five miles when it nears Hullbreaker Bay.

The spring melt of the glaciers of the Ice Cap is called the Ice Cap Melt. This period of melting always results in heavy flooding of the Rute.

Notable Areas