Ember of Tosgerd

Typeartifact, minor
LocationSvaer Hodgrolf, one at Kedmaer

Embers of Tosgerd are magical embers created from the Tosgerd forge. They are not forged, but produced as a by-product of making great magical items at Svaer Hodgrolf's greatest forge. In the Horgon Era, Surtur gave one of these magical embers to King Amdar of Hofthorm. This ember was then used by Hofthorm's armies at the Siege of Haugald. The Ember of Tosgerd was catapulted into the southern tracts of the Anzar glacier where it slowly melted a large swathe of it. The melt led to the creation of lake Kedmaer and totally separated Haugald from the tunnels leading north into the gold mines beneath Anzar.

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