Tamoroc Aslagni

RegionGreat Expanse, Tribe Steppes
MapTamoroc Steppe

Tamoroc is a vast temperate steppe spanning the Tribe Steppes region and into the Great Expanse. The halflings of the Seven Vales were the first to call this area Tamoroc. The giants of Harongrand and Onvargard had their own name for it, the Giant word Aslagni; a conjunction of two words meaning "easy prey".

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), thousands of centaur-like demons called armanites, roamed freely through this area. They were the vanguard of demon infantry moving north from sector Lirgaza. These demon armies were under the banner of an up and coming demon lord named Demogorgon. They drove Covenant forces back. Only when they reached the Great Expanse did they begin to suffer reverses. This happened when the splintered demon armies and long lines of supply began to break down under pressure of attacks from a massive halfling and celestial army under Avandra and attacks along their flanks from the giants of Jofgried and Kolmgar. In a case of old enemies, now my friends, these giants were the descendants of those that had served the Primordials in the Creation War.

In the First Epoch, these plains became the home of another type of centaur, the Jara. They roam the steppe in bands, nomadic until a Khan comes along, creating a Jara Horde. Jara numbers, large at times, are nothing compared to the area's great beast herds. In fact, the seemingly endless numbers of horse led to fringe groups in Ak'mrîtun worshiping them.

Tamorac is the middle of The Hoof Arc, a series of plains where great beast herds migrate in search for food. The only reason the Jara have not wiped out these herds is because of the constant fighting amongst themselves and raiding the lands of others.

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