Baurongor - Ohtarion
RegionHigh Wood Country

Lake Baurongor is at the crux of the ice grave highlands of Timinórë, the vale of Emeldimir, and the Feyrise. The runoff, streams and rivers flow in from each of these areas. From the north, the major inflow is the faerie dusted waters of the Rúmesil. From the Vale of Emeldimir to the northwest, comes the river of decay, the brownish stinking waters of the Badex.

The lake has deep channels flanked by shallow areas in the northwest and southwest. The shallow areas are places of constant geothermal activity, with shores muddy and discolored by chemicals and the splashing of geysers. Steam, in the winters turning to heavy fog, rises from the waters, and the air smells of sulfuric vapors. With many geysers, the larger are the entrances to mephit warrens, places engineered not hurt the pressure of any nearby geysers. Home to hundreds of steam mephits, their ancestors, running from hard work, came to this area during the cooling of Bora Korek.

The Baurongor drains to the southeast, becoming the headwaters of the Anassúmë River.

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