RegionTribe Steppes

Khultamir is a mire south of Míngiach. Water flowing south from these cliffs enter this marshy lowland and then drain into the Anassúmë river. The swamp has a sweet and intoxicating odor that has its source in Khultamir's waters. Beneath the water, and like many other pools across this region, are Mondor melons. This fruit grows year-around, and produces the sweet and intoxicating smell that permeates Khultamir. This odor blankets the otherwise stale and rotting smell of the swamp. The jara use the Mondor melon to make Englas. As a result, Khultamir is frequented by the jara.

The other terror of the swamp are the hundars. These flying carnivores are one of the few beasts tamed by the jara. In the Third Epoch, the Gorum Horde used Khultamir hundars in their ravages on Angrod lands.