Inverted Throne

Typeartifact, minor
LocationNibar-Pharân, Akann'ndâb (original)

The term Inverted Throne came into usage during the reign of the Belkazims; and their Kingdom of Belkazim (250 - 275). It was a reign with policies that some considered backwards, setting the Khazarkar people back. To cloud the use of this term, the Belkazim had crafted a stone throne, a miniature pyramid that is upside down, with a seating area carved out from the center. It became the seat of power, a device empowered with arcane energy, protecting the Khazarkar's monarchy.

When the First Khazarkar Empire (346 - 1027) abandoned Gulimbor, the Inverted Throne was left behind. It was unmovable, magically anchored to where the first Belkazim sat as ruler of the Khazarkar people. Once in Cinazan, and at their new capital, another Inverted Throne was built using the red crystal Crimson Nibarranâth.