Black Journal

Typeportable archive

Written by the imp Kyriyes, the Black Journal details the affairs of the Black Tide, its leaders, along with detailed passages of people and places visited. It covers the period of the launch of the Black Tide of Thasmudan in 1464, to their dark legions passing into Sorrow Pass in 1479. This fifteen year period was covered in great detail, each scroll slid into a portable archive. With an unseen servant acting as a librarian, these scrolls were then made encrypted pages, joining a magical archive of nearly fifty volumes.

The Black Journal is an unusual read, with a quarter providing information for Asmodeus's intelligence apparatus, and the rest sating Asmodeus's memories of his glory Covenant days on Bal-Kriav, in the same lands that Kyriyes had traveled as a minion of the Black Tide.

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