Built1 Lunar 2185 DE

Níngoth is a reverse flowing whirlpool at the heart of the Azrinn'nûr islands. It is the exit point for those traveling along the Sea Tunnel. Níngoth was named by the sea elves that settled in this area after the Creation War. In that war they served under general Sathel.

For a time in the Second Epoch, the Sea Tunnel flowed opposite of what it does today. Today, it flows from the southeast to northwest. In 1078, ten ships of a Vorangrith merchant fleet were caught in a typhoon off the northern islands of Azrinn'nûr and drawn into Níngoth and then taken along the Sea Tunnel. They ended up in Enkii Jusk.

The opposite to Níngoth is the whirlpool Typhoon Nexus. This whirlpool draws downward into the Sea Tunnel and is the main entry point to the Sea Tunnel. Níngoth flows upward from the Sea Tunnel to the waters of Edhelviel and is considered the main exit point.

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