Rath Vun River Tongue

RegionAerie of Dragons
LocationLokzii Ahraan, Sea Tunnel
MapKrein Jusk

Rath Vun is a water funnel in the Sea Tunnel. It works in reverse of what a whirlpool would do, drawing things up it. A ship, or anything else, that strikes it will be drawn out of the Sea Tunnel to a lake called Lokzii Ahraan. There is no return route back to the Sea Tunnel. Travellers can exit the lake to the south and make their way down the Zal Rath river and then to the Sea of Mourning.

In 1209 HE, an Mir'piamauza exploratory ship, the Trielasog entered the Sea Tunnel. They were carried along this strange otherwordly sea channel for 900 miles. Their journey ended when they hit a towering column of water spiraling upward. Pushed out of the Sea Tunnel, they found themselves on a large lake named Lokzii Ahraan, the Angels Wound.

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