Lokzii Ahraan Angels Wound

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasAngels Wound
MapKrein Jusk

This lake is a mix of fresh water and sea water. The fresh water comes by way of streams and rivulets from the northern swamps and highlands, while the sea water comes from the Mephigax Ocean. This salty water enters the lake by way of a water funnel called the Rath Vun; a one-way connection from an ancient canal called the Sea Tunnel.

In 1209 HE, while traveling along the Sea Tunnel, a Mir'piamauza exploratory ship was drawn into the Rath Vun. This funnel of water pushed them up and out of the Sea Tunnel. Now on the Angels Wound, they set a course south across the lake they went on to establish the settlement Varrogrith.

The ocean waters flowing into this lake from the Rath Vun make this lake salty and discolored. Water that naturally comes into the lake from the many nearby swamps and rain mix with the salty ocean water spewing up from the Sea Tunnel creating an array of blues and often unpredictable salinity.

Most of the the lake's overflow drains south where it forms the headwaters of the river Zal Rath. Ships that come to this lake by way of the Rath Vun, can take Zal-Rath all the way to the Sea of Mourning. Along the lake's eastern shores are half-submerged caves. During heavy rainfall, some of the lakes flow down passages that lead to the Underdark. The largest of these passages is Tumbo Gein.

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