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There are many types of grafts spread across the 3rd edition books. I've summarized what I've found below. Just remember if you turn yourself into a Frankenstein, don't expect the best of reactions from those you meet. Some grafts provide a natural AC bonus. When adding these to your AC, only the best of all natural AC bonuses are taken. Note that natural AC is a very good way of boosting your AC if you have no natural AC. Also, keep in mind that magical armor resizes to fit the wearer. For non-magical armor, it would need to be custom made to fit someone who has been significantly altered ( i.e. bonemail ). Due to their racial limitation, maug grafts are not listed below.

One of the places with the widest selection of grafts is Limbwerks. This place is located in Barun-Mitân. The Shi'gah are a people that are entirely comprised of half-clockwork Gimrune. This means that all of them have one or more grafts. Their grafts are sign of status in their society and each graft a way of making them feel more advanced over other peoples without these gifts of the Primus Hexaconta. The Shi'gah are the most adept at adding grafts to someone and not maiming them or worse.

GraftType *BenefitCostSource
Added TailYuan-Tiswim, balance, attack6,000 gpsFF pg. 215
Antennae GraftIllithidtremorsense20,000 gpsFF pg. 212
BonemailUndead+2 natural AC16,000 gpsLM pg. 79
Bodak's EyeUndeaddeath ray25,000 gpsLM pg. 80
Charming EyeFiendishsee in darkness, magical darkness, charm120,000 gpsFF pg. 210
Clawed ArmFiendish+4 strength, automated attack50,000 gpsFF pg. 210
Climbing legsIllithidspider climbing4,000 gpsFF pg. 212
Crown of EyesBeholderdarkvision, all-around vision - +4 Search and Spot, cannot be flanked60,000 gpsFF pg. 208
Enervating ArmUndead+4 inherent strength, enervating slam 2/day40,000 gpsLM pg. 80
Eye of FlameUndeadfireball 1/day; 50% fire damage, 50% divine fire damage10,800 gpsLM pg. 80
Eye StalkBeholderduplicates a beholder eye ray 3/day195,000 gpsFF pg. 209
Fast LegFiendish+10' movement, +5 climb and jump checks4,000 gpsFF pg. 210
Fearsome EyeFiendishsee invisibility, fear gaze120,000 gpsFF pg. 210
Feathered WingsFiendishfly x2 land speed, buffet10,000 gpsFF pg. 210
Fiendish EarFiendish+4 Listen, Blind-Fight feat2,500 gpsFF pg. 210
Fiendish JawFiendishgore attack2,000 gpsFF pg. 210
Fiendish SkinFiendish+1 natural AC, +2 inherent bonus to dexterity, darkvision, poison55,000 gpsFF pg. 210
Flexible ArmFiendishautomated attack, magic missile27,000 gpsFF pg. 211
Gazing EyeBeholdercharm monster, sleep, petrify or cause fear195,000 gpsFF pg. 209
Ghostly ArmUndeadincorporeal touch6,000 gpsLM pg. 80
Goring HornIllithidattack, bull rush8,000 gpsFF pg. 212
Grappling TentacleFiendishtentacle strength, attack20,000 gpsFF pg. 211
Grasping MandiblesIllithidgrapple, attack15,000 gpsFF pg. 212
Hauling BackIllithidimproved carrying capacity2,000 gpsFF pg. 212
Long ArmFiendishincrease reach by 5', attack5,000 gpsFF pg. 211
Membranous WingsFiendishfly x2 land speed, fire and cold resistance 1050,000 gpsFF pg. 211
Mohurg's TongueUndeadparalyzing tongue24,000 gpsLM pg. 80
Mummified EyeUndeadeyebite 1/day50,000 gpsLM pg. 80
Mummified HandUndeadslam delivering mummy rot 3/day16,200 gpsLM pg. 80
Paraylzing ArmUndead+4 inherent strength, paralyzing touch 2/day40,000 gpsLM pg. 80
Plated SkinBeholder+4 natural AC64,000 gpsFF pg. 208
Poison FangsYuan-Tipoison bite8,000 gpsFF pg. 215
Raking TentacleIllithidattack, -2 penalty when using skills requiring hands5,000 gpsFF pg. 212
Rending ClawIllithidattack, -4 penalty when using skills requiring precision5,000 gpsFF pg. 212
Replacement EyeBeholderas Eye Stalk195,000 gpsFF pg. 209
Replacement TailYuan-Tireplaces tail or limbs, reduced movement, attack12,000 gpsFF pg. 209
Scaly SkinYuan-Ti+3 natural AC36,000 gpsFF pg. 215
Serpent ArmYuan-Tibite attack12,000 gpsFF pg. 215
Skeletal HandUndeadskeletal attacks3,000 gpsLM pg. 80
Springing LegFiendish+30 jump, reduced land movement by 10'35,000 gpsFF pg. 211
Sting TailFiendishpoison attack50,000 gpsFF pg. 211
Strong LegFiendish+2 inherent bonus to constitution8,000 gpsFF pg. 211
Third EyeBeholderantimagic field 3/day165,000 gpsFF pg. 209
Trampling LegFiendishtrample5,000 gpsFF pg. 211
Undead SkinUndead25% resistant to critical and sneak attacks16,000 gpsLM pg. 80
Vampiric FangsUndeaddrain bood, temporary health25,000 gpsLM pg. 80
Weakening ArmUndead+4 inherent strength, weakening touch 2/day40,000 gpsLM pg. 80
Whip TailFiendishlong reach attack8,000 gpsFF pg. 211
Zombie ArmUndead+2 inherent strength, -2 dex, slam attacks25,000 gpsLM pg. 80

* Fiendish grafts have alignment drawbacks

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