Quadrax of Prime Elements

ForgeBlipool Bathworks

In 9120 GE, a Grimlock named Karsec found himself tossed into a Toadoolp Twist. With one hand and leg transformed into that of a Kuo-toa, he miraculously escaped the entropic pond and the cordon of kuo-toan patrols of Blibdoolpoolp Bosom. Returning to this people, he was stigmatized, even said to be a lackey of Blibdoolpoolp. In his journals, Karsec said the experience in the entropic pond changed him more than just physically. He had saw something at the point where he was about to change, answers to age old questions of the origins of it all. He went on to travel many lands, both on the surface and beneath, learning much about the various energy types, rifts, entropic ponds, and other wonders tied to the field of energy. His work, and the team of mixed races that came to work under him, came to be known as the Quadrax.

Near the end of his natural life, hunted by those with an interest in his ability to withstand the Toadoolp Twist, he found himself in Blipool, on a lab table of the Soothsayers of Blipool. Masters of working psychic energy, they were able to use Karsec's knowledge in the field of enchanting. Working with the top arcanist of Oomkaan, they created the Quadrax of Prime Elements. The goal was to create an item that would change the Toadoolp Twists back to being entropic ponds. The item was put to the test with disastrous results. The user, a kuo-toa champion of Moolowik, veteran soldier of the Ă‚khi Empire, turned pyromaniac, burning half of Blipool down before he was killed. Those that witnessed the Blipool conflagration say one of two things, they saw a ghostly grimlock wandering through the ruins with a smile on his face, others say the ghostly form was that of a monster of Chaos, its tendrils of fire whipping about setting the town aflame.

The Quadrax of Prime Elements is a +4 flange elemental energy mace. Each flange is composed of coalesced energy of one of the prime elemental energies, fire, water, air, and earth. One is shaped like a cresting wave, another a ribbon of fire, a miniature whirlwind, and the other of compacted soil and rock.

Karsec Lore +2 damage per die for spells of fire, wind, earth, or aircontinuous
Karsec Masteryin melee the weapon deals 5 points of damage from either fire (burning), water (drowning), air (buffeting), or earth (crushing). The energy type is chosen by the wielder.continuous
Fireball as the spell 10d63/day
Meteor Swarm as the spell; 5% chance of starting an inferno whereupon another meteor swarm impacts every round with a 100' for 1-4 turns1/week
Move Earth as the spell1/day
Sink as the spell1/week
Spirit of Karsec while wielding, the user has the fighting abilities of a 20th lvl Fighter, lasts 1 turn. Fighting ability includes attacks, to-hit, and fighter specific feats for a 20th lvl Fighter. This effect lasts 10 rounds.1/week
Waterbreathing can breath for an unlimited duration underwatercontinuous
Whispering Wind as the spell2/day
Wind Wall as the spell1/day
Pyromaniac each use of Meteor Swarm has a 10% chance of making the user a pyromaniac. This no resist affect makes the wielder set the nearest civilian area aflame, using Fireball and any other fiery effects at their disposal. An insanity it can be cured by magic.continuous
Entropic Twist each use of the Spirit of Karsec has a 10% chance transforming one of the user's limbs into that of a kuo-toa or a grimlock, 50% of either. This unwelcome effect has a Fortitude DC25 to resist.continuous
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