Rafthurgar is an oasis of green surrounded by smoking mountains, lava flows, and high geothermal activity. The oldest wood of this forest are Firebrands. This has come about because this type of wood is impervious to fire, allowing it to survive the volcanic eruptions that are all too common across Anubeth. Over the centuries, the firebrands of Rafthurgar have afforded some protecting to the area within it. This has resulted in a lot of vegetation, anchoring of streams and a river, and accumulation of a rich top soil.

Cinderfall lays claim to much of Rafthurgar and its highly desired and other resources. Collection of these resources is closely monitored by the druids and rangers serving merchant houses in Glothreth. They have managed the forest for a little over six centuries. This followed a period of over-use and nearly seeing the verdant area turned into a desert.

Rafthurgar is home to quicklings, nightshades, korred, needlemen, and other fey leaning more to the dark side than the light. The high number of evil foes in this forest is like the land around it, an entire region under the sinister influence of the Pumice Throne. The Throne is not all bad though, since Rafthurgar is said to be a product of it. The forest would not have become a verdant basin without its Firebrands forming a anchor for life in an otherwise inhospitable landscape.