Cross of Entropy

CategoryArtifacts, Daggers

The Cross of Entropy is a a cross-shaped dagger with an arjale hilt. The blade is made of bonebrack and the pommel inset with a chip from a broken Entropy Fragment. It is a weapon of chaos and evil. Its powers can only be used by someone who is chaotically aligned.

Chaos Pledged to use the item's powers, wielder must be chaotically alignedcontinuous
Entropic Strike one additional attack with the weapon per round, scoring +1/2 hit point chaos damage per level of the wielder continuous
Instant Blessing cast a divine spell as a minor action1/day
Unholy Implement serve as an unholy implement for divine spells continuous
Shadow Powered Spells all divine spells have their DC increased by 2, all spells are treated as defiling magic causing 1 hit point of vile damage per level of spell cast in a 5' radius - this damage only affects enemies and cannot be resistedcontinuous
Morality Undone as the Morality Undone spell1/day
Necrotic Shield +4 divine bonus to AC, +2 on Will savescontinuous
Power Leech as the Power Leech spell, this is a free action, usable 1/round up to the daily limit3/day