Arirmarg - Ohtarion
CategoryForests (Dark Nature)
RegionHigh Wood Country

Arirmarg is the southern Dark Nature forest of Emeldimir Vale. In the Horgon Era, this forest was the northwestern edge of the Ak'mrîtun Empire. Famed for its silver as far back as the Dawn Era, the Ak'mrîtun came for the area's resources. By 1700 HE, silver was a thing in Binê Sadôr, jewelers making gaudy jewelry for the wealthy, then adorning vases, columns, statues, then becoming part of the national coinage.

While Ak'mrîtun's faraway capital was getting wealthy from wagons of silver, frontier thinking was changing. There were those swayed to zoolatry, revering the equine over the god-emperor Krak-Oth. The Einglach say the conversion effort went on for decades, beginning with a simple statue of one's favored horse, then others looking to outdo the last. Then came visits by gray and black unicorns, each stirring up trouble with their territorial disputes. Knowing the market price for their kind, they promised foals for alliances. These foals, intelligent and cunning like their wild brethren, did their part in encouraging a reverence of their kind and other lesser equine; like horses.

In the Year 43, infuriated by Arirmarg's horse cultists, Krak-Oth cursed them. Most were transformed into a mockery of what they worshiped, becoming centaur-like abominations bent on destruction. Named the Jara after the first horse idolized, they rampaged Ak'mrîtun's western frontier, then moved against the capital city of Binê Sadôr.

Today, like other parts of the Emeldimir Vale, Arirmarg is a place that goes through periods of bitter blight and verdant renewal. It also a place of Dark Nature, home to evil fey, savage predatory plants, and fell creatures like undead treants and twig blights.

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Notable Resources
  • Silver