Undead Treant
RegionHigh Wood Country

In the Horgon Era, Araj settlers moved into this forest. At the time the Tendrils were not a thing, the land east of Timinórë was like the open plains of Tamoroc. The Feyrise was already claimed, its owners unfriendly to those so greedy as to seek lands hundred of miles from their center. Past this forest, the freezing conditions of Timinórë guided Araj's frontier breakers to the Emeldimir valley. They were coming so far from home because of the area's silver reserves. Around 1700 HE, this metal was becoming a thing in Zînin-Gulc, with jewelers making gaudy jewelry for the wealthy, and as Arirmarg's silver ore production increased, it came to adorn vases, columns and statues. By the start of the First Epoch, it was so prevalent that like copper, it had become one of the nation's coinage.

Arirmarg's Theegan settlers encountered an unusually high number of unicorns in this forest. These were black unicorns and gray unicorns that had long been at war with each other. The settlers, like the fey of Emeldimir's three forests, and the goblins of Antokepf, were always being drawn into these conflicts. These unicorn conflicts were often over mates, with each vying for a herd of horses to continue their species. At 600 miles from the Araj heartland, the Theegans were always in need of horses. They could corral them from Tamoroc, but this was dangerous then as it is now, with dire types in every herd and roaming a vast area. The unicorns had a much easier time of brining in horses. The Theegans took the horses that the highly selective unicorns discarded.

Notable Resources
  • Silver