Mounted Mountain Giant
RegionsClans, High Wood Country
MapGakhs Mountains

Gakhs is a towering mountain range that stretches from Nielalroch to Tunzâr. The peaks have a huge amount of iron in them; some of this iron is exposed. During storms, lightning is frequently drawn to these surface deposits. Parts of the northernmost highlands are claimed by Daklode. Going north of the Gakhs, the mountains give way to the Rulamirnur and the vast forests of the High Wood Country, going south you enter the lands of the Clans.

The Gakhs are home to dwarves, stone and mountain giants, goliath and other beasts and monsters. The northern areas are heavily mined; there are hundreds of mines, both active and abandoned in the territory of Daklode alone. Guarding the valleys leading through the jagged peaks are the bastions of both the elves and dwarves. To the north and east are the fortresses of the elves, while opposite these are the imposing fortresses of the dwarves. Between these fortresses is a no-man's land pocked with cannon craters, destroyed implements of war, and an occasional corpse or skeleton.