Kizan Line

RegionMenortamon, Unaraggumak
OwnerPhorngoad Rail
Built1591 - 1621
MapKizan Line Railroad

The Kizan Line, a spoke of the Kibar-Kûn, is a railroad beginning at Bolnalmak. From this great rail hub city, it descends downward 500' to the Underdark city Dabul-Gind then west to Rumaktharga's underground half. Except in a few places, the 160 mile section between Dabul-Gind and Rumaktharga passes along the Brother Tunnels.

This rail line averages 200' to 300' underground. This was done so that exhaust chimneys for all the train smoke would be more effective, and most importantly to the Phorngoad Rail's board of directors, less costly to bore out. Like on the surface, movement along the rail is slow. This to avoid Underdark hazards like cave-ins, train robbing bandits, and the occasional sabotage or plundering of the tracks for those needing iron.

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