Chaos Cannon

Chaos Cannon
Typemedium cannon, magical

The first chaos cannons were made in the Creation War. They are magic items that shoot globules of entropic energy. In most respects, they are like other artillery with the only difference being that they fire their rounds magically instead of by gunpowder or other explosive force. The rounds for a chaos cannon require access to entropic energy; a substance not easy to come by.

There are methods to squeeze entropic energy from creatures, but this is slow and often deadly. The most common way of harnessing entropic energy for a weapons factory is by way of an energy rift. Entropic energy rifts are found in many known places and undoubtedly even more unknown. Like other rifts, in areas of civilization energy rifts are usually owned by the state or other powerful organization.

- Dangjald, stone giant artillerist, and history buff - "Making Entropic Rounds"

An original chaos cannon of the Creation War is worth five to ten times the value of any chaos cannon of the same type made today. Damage from a chaos cannon is increased or decreased based on the creature's alignment. A Chaotic creature takes -50% damage, a Lawful takes +50% damage, and Neutrals take standard damage.