PortDistance toPort
Anaz1 mileGoldarah
Goldarah200 milesOlwerch
Olwerch160 milesKapha-Lak
West to East Ports of Call
RegionClans, High Wood Country, Northern Hordelands
MapTuruk River

The river Turuk begins from streams running down the slopes of the otherworldly peak Anaz. It is joined by many other as it flows easterly out of the Felbarum. One of its largest joining tributaries is that coming down from lake Bul. This tributary is the Bul Strand and responsible for the occasional aquatic demon found as far down as lake Kapha-Lak. Turuk is fast moving river. Since its formation with Anaz, the river has cut deep into Felbarum and the land beyond all the way to where it ends at Kapha-Lak. For its entirety, the river is flanked by dense jungle for five to ten miles on each side. This jungle area is like that of Goldarah; an unnatural area influenced by the sentient jungle moon Bingatho.

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