PortDistance toPort
Anaz1 mileGoldarah
Goldarah200 milesTarag-Khâlu
West to East Ports of Call
RegionClans, High Wood Country, Northern Hordelands
MapTuruk River

The river Turuk begins on the slopes of an otherworldly peak named Anaz. Flowing east through the rocky lands of Felbarum, it is joined by many streams and tributaries. The largest tributary, the Bul Strand, linked to the Bul lake, is responsible for the occasional aquatic demon found along the Turuk or skulking about the coasts of Tarag-Khâlu.

The most unusual aspect of this river are its jungle shores. Along its entirety, the river is flanked by a dense alien jungle. Five to twenty miles deep on each side, it is like the strange jungles of Goldarah.

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