Bingatho Snapper

Goldarah is a jungle of the Clans region. It is an unusual area in an otherwise temperate zone of the world. The reason the area is a tropical jungle around Anaz and more temperate tropical on the fringes is because of the Anaz Rift. This intra-system rift is a link between a jungle on the far away moon Bingatho and the Underdark region Unaraggumak of Bal-Kriav. At the core of that moon is an imprisoned Creationist. His works of creation are responsible for the jungle and the animals, beasts and insects that live here. The area's temperature is maintained from pressure and heat rising up the chimneys of Anaz where they spill onto the surface affecting the local climate. The conditions of Goldarah are truly jungle with many of the natives being transplants that come through the Anaz Rift's link to the moon Bingatho. Su-monsters, jaguars, exotic birds, and others things normally only seen in the far away jungles of Bal-Kriav are found in abundance here. The dwarves of the area sometimes go on hunting expeditions into Goldarah, but these affairs are often by skilled hunters or those willing to pay a considerable sum to join an expedition.

Goldarah is largely surrounded by the Felbarum wasteland. As a result, hydras can found all over the jungle. These creatures are Goldarah's apex predators.

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