Lir Qethserigir Worm Spine

AliasesWorm Spine

Lir Qethserigir is Draconic for "Worm Spine". It is an Underdark road built by the kobolds of Du'ul Hiim. It was initially built to attack the holdings of Galirkrad. It has been expanded over the thousands of years since the fall of Galirkrad and now serves as the artery road linking Ashmerthoon's capital to its many other holdings.

Lir Qethserigir begins at Du'ul Hiim and then heads south to an ancient complex beneath Viing Prolgiid. Along the road, are many side roads heading off in all directions, including to the surface and some leading deeper into the Underdark. One of the roads is the Staal Strah ("Port Road"). This road leads to the coastal city of Vaknor Gevild.