Sotiisk'lum Whitefang Vale

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasWhitefang Vale
MapKrein Jusk

Sotiisk'lum is a glacial valley surrounded by the menacing spires of Rah Burdah, the God Rim. In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), it was a Covenant workshop, a place where a mighty creature was created to help defeat the Primordials. This monstrosity was a Hecatoncheires, a terror of such power that it could alone take down a Primordial Lord. In the making of the Hecatoncheires, the Covenant generals Ares and TarĂ¢k built a number of scaffolding towers. When their creation came to life, it shattered the towers and the great workshops around it. When it exhaled its first, the iron from the towers and that across the hills and surrounding mountains became infused with dark power; known today as the metal Demiurgic Iron.

For part of the Horgon Era, Sotiisk'lum was claimed by the Galirkrad Empire (1301 HE - 1725 HE). The largest ruin of this fallen empire is Viing Prolgiid, perched on the edge of the great rift Viing'deyvut.

Much of Sotiisk'lum and the surrounding mountains are claimed by the Sotiisk. They have great control over the area's white dragons and some influence over the marauding bands of frost giants, mountain giants and ice trolls which have long plagued the area.

Notable Resources