Viing'deyvut Wing Tunnel

Viing'deyvut - Krein Jusk

RegionAerie of Dragons, Adunamar
AliasWing Tunnel
Krein JuskVul Sahsir

Viing'deyvut is a deep depression of Whitefang Vale. It cuts deep, with several massive holes descending all the way into the first subterranean tier beneath the lands above. These holes are large enough that a dragon can fly down into them, entering the great caverns of Viing Lok. Legend has it that Bruh Kreniik created this area for the dragons, a way for them to fly down and enjoy the wonders of the subterranean world. As a result, dragons from across Bal-Kriav see Viing'deyvut as a sacred place. The Second Dragon Wake (1361 LE - 1366 LE) started when marauding frost giants violated the area, throwing nets aver the holes descending into the bowels of Viing Lok. Since then, nobody has tried to interfere with the dragons that enter and leave Viing'deyvut, not even the dragon cults of old or the those of today.

Notable Areas