Sarmarg Road (red line)

The Sarmarg road begins where the Sorrow Road forks at the Mazandabad Bridge. The Sarmarg is a northerly road. After passing the Mazandabad bridge, it follows a ridge on the eastern side of the Foronir River. It passes the western side of the outlying buildings and houses of Gúluzgash. The road has shifted west many times due to the expansion of this city. Near the southern tip of Nárfaltuin, the Sarmarg forks east and west. The western route is Blackstrike March. The eastern route continues along the southern edge of Nárfaltuin and then north between the woodlands and the Tyermur wetlands.

At Othragmac, the road crosses two bridges as it guides east and then north again after passing through the village of Thorkrin. The road continues north, following the bends of the Glumgard River.

Half-way to the city of Kotharlarg, the road splits. The eastern route is the Matak March. The northern route continues for ninety miles to the the iron bridges of Kotharlarg.