Libram of Aggda

Libram of Aggda
Authormany Lith-Crillion authors

The Libram of Aggda is an ancient text that gives insight into the thinking of the Lith-Crillion people and of the history of a military research complex called Aggda. The book was added to by different authors and reads like short briefs rather than a cohesive work. The book also contains secret pages which are only visible when under the right star conditions. These pages contain recipes for making magic items and plans for making weapons. Some believe that the Soul Storage Depot came about after Tome read a secret page of this legendary tome.

During the day, the Libram of Aggda is kept in Nuciregmas. At night it is taken to a secure area open to the stars and its pages turned, one hoping that another page will be revealed. This book revolutionized ranged weapons and led to the storage of souls for cloning when one is lost, and opened up new and fascinating areas of study, and it will continue to do so until its last page has revealed itself under the glow of the stars.

- Tome, Syndic of the Council of Nine - "The Secret Pages"

The Libram of Aggda has some history on the Web of Magic and the slaying of a primordial named Sarseg. The book also describes the terrible raids of the Saer Erkjorg. One of the last lines in the book reads:

The attacks grow stronger each time, and we have heard of the fall of our brothers at places not far from us. The eldritch giants are driven by the magic and knowledge we hold. There is talk of departure from this island, but will these debates become reality before we fall too?

- from the Libram of Aggda

Another chapter of the book discusses Web Weaver beginnings at Nemexus. Being written by Lith-Crillion, it makes no mention of the conflict that happened to get this knowledge, the forced abandonment of Tarband-Khâl, and the long-term consequence - the beginning of the Mîmêk race.