RegionClans, Troll Bogs
MapNulag River

Lake Celdabrack drains from its southeast corner where it forms the head of the Tulag river. The first fifteen miles of the river are rough rapids navigable only by canoe and small rafts. After flowing southwest, it joins with the Manul river where it takes a more southernly course and gets wider and much deeper. The deepness of the river is such that large ships can navigate from where the rivers meet all the way to the bay Tarag-Khâlu. The river's depth is more a product of giant mud crabs called Ibelgas Chariots, than natural causes. These creatures, their meat a delicacy in the region, are true terrors to behold with shells that have been turned into shields as good as iron and the larger ones made into rune-carved tower domes resistant to both psionics and magic. Their numbers, and accordingly their dredging of the Tulag began to increase when the Ark of Devgwer brought dinosaurs to the shores of Ara'phis. Up until that time, the crab population was limited in numbers and crab size by available food sources which before the Ark rarely consisted of something as a large as a dinosaur. As the river got deeper into the First Epoch, it became a raiding route for pirate havens dotting the islands and shores of Tarag-Khâlu.