Galanîn Codex

AuthorBauza-Tîr, of Borillisk

The Galanîn Codex is an early historical record of the Tragaran tribes and peoples that came to establish Borillisk. It was written by a shaman named Bauza-Tîr. He was one of the last Elder Shamans of Hedrac. Some of the topics of the Galanîn Codex are the dealings between the Tragaran tribes and their relations with the khazarkars, and the natives of Hedrac and areas south of it. It talks about the Purging of the Hags, the Hive Swarms and of ancient Auhtai ruins in the Hive region. It also gives crude maps and information on Urutth'lê and other islands off the eastern coasts of Gulimbor.

The codex also provides a short history on the Tragaran tribes, like of the disappearance of the Piamauza.