RegionLands of Purity, Troll Bogs
MapNithiach River

Nithiach is a wide and fast flowing river with its headwaters the Sinarag swamp.

In the Second Epoch, the Ningizzida Empire extended this river when they excavated a channel through a series of hills. With the use of a lot magic, and even more slave labor, Ningizzida's military carved out a canyon through the Aglak Rampart. This flooded the valley behind these hills, creating more wetlands. A decade later, the water had carved a path all the way to the Pearl Sea. In the end, Ningizzida's effort to block Farinteen's northern expansion failed. On their side the Farinteens went on to channel the river's flow to farmlands, then saw a boon of game along the river's banks, and most beneficial of all, helped turn Phanax into a great commercial port.