RegionDhark Bolg, Ma'Ohari

In the Lith-Crillion Era, this deep depression was a place of slumber for three ancient dragons, the Reds of Kilth. Around 600 LE, miners out of Felak broke into their chambers, awakening them from their centuries long slumbers. The dragons had great difficulty in taking out their revenge. The tunnels and chambers of the "stunties" were too small for their great size. They turned to finding those that could walk the same passages as the miners. In the Kilth Deeps War, the people of Felak began calling this depression Khuzir; the name of a traitorous general that served Danzar-Khâl in the Creation War.

In the Red Sourge, the last of these three dragons, Urkra'gom, perished in the bowels of Khuzir. Varelay lost three thousand soldiers in the assault on this dragon's great fortress Onaimus Kreh. When Urkra'gom was killed by demons armed with corrupted arrows and blades, he exploded in a brilliant fire vaporizing hundreds of soldiers. This explosive death was planned by Urkra'gom, for he knew full-well that the liberated dwarves and their soon to be demon masters were giving no quarter in this war. Urkra'gom plan involved ingesting dozens of globules of magical lava, so that when he died, they would detonate in unison and bring about total destruction of the invaders.

The wave of magical energy that rolled away from the vaporized dragon tore armor to pieces, pulled weapons from hands, and sent those on the outer rim tumbling down the mountain side.

After the dust cleared, scouts observed Onaimus Kreh to be still intact, where it once was inside a mountain, it now floated in a cloud of perpetual cinders and smoke. The cloud was enough to keep anyone from nearing the place, because something dark and evil lurked within. It made quick work of anything less than a hezrou. The area became a forbidden land, with quasits pranksters posting signs in the area reading "You are chaotic if you go past this point". Only a few braved the area and survived to tell the harrowing tales of the ghost of Urkra'gom.

- Anstix, hezrou in service to Varelay - "The Dragon Spirit of Onaimus Kreh"

Khuzir is still haunted by the Spirit of Urkra'gom. Many have thought they have killed him, only to face the spirit dragon the next day, completely regenerated. Once inside Onaimus Kreh, Urkra'gom's spirit gives up pursuit. The cloud of smoke and cinders that swirl about the conical depression are in no way normal. Areas of it can be dispelled for time, but like the dragon reappear some time later.

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  • Onaimus Kreh