Kimaris (central) - Vetoubahr
RegionAzrik, Gulimbor, Ma'Ohari
MapKimaris Mountains

Beginning in eastern Ma'Ohari, the Kimaris mountains head south across the lava fields of Malephar into Azrik. Bending to the southeast, the peaks help save lands southward in the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203). Going east, the peaks end in the Gulimbor region.

The mountains were given their most well-known name by Kimaris, then demon sovereign of the Varelay Empire (684 LE - 2764 LE). Figuring the mountains would long outlive him, his name would be remembered for all eternity.

The northeastern slopes of Kimaris are pocketed with iron, tin, and platinum mines. Hazards of this area include chaos rocs, mooncalves, and high concentrations of fiendish grell. These grell are half-fiend creations of the demon labs of Varelay. They were used to terrorize the peoples of Dark Belly. Several of the platinum mines of Kimaris were used for mining and for experimenting on mortal creatures like the grell and any other creature they could get their hands on. These mines became so tainted with entropic energies that their platinum became chaos infused. The platinum that comes from them is called Varelay Platinum and commands high prices because of its exotic nature, and streams of smoke that periodically break the metal's surface.

In the First Epoch, the northern reaches of Kimaris became territory of Goth-Dyvermoir. They mine the peaks and bask in the searing heat of the volcanic wastes around them. The area is protected with giant forts and outposts. The deep chasms and rugged terrain are spanned by massive iron bridges that can hold the weight of a team of mastodons and their fire giants.