Boraresh is a large lake fed by numerous waterfalls spilling over the Ridge of Collossapolos. This towering cliff is south of the great city of Collossapolos. At its highest point, it is 1500' above the lake. The largest of the waterfalls spilling over the ridge is called the Vein of Gruumsh. The pounding of the waterfalls can be heard 20 miles away. These waterfalls are fed by streams and canals from Virgath. The streams and canals go through Collossapolos. On the southern shores of Boraresh is a massive plateau called Amoral. This plateau is the northern tip of the Bileddanul mountain range. Atop Amoral is Gháshulg, the capital of the Orchish Empire. The northern end of the lake is overshadowed by the towering cliffs and the great walls of Collossapolos.

Boraresh drains south, forming the headwaters of a mighty river called Foronir.