Typefire archon - chaos archon sub-race

Fyrreid are a specific group of fire archons that under Surtur invaded Bal-Kriav in the Creation War. They numbered close to 20,000 and though reduced to 10,000 they continued to be a powerful force in the next great war. This next conflict was the Demon Spawn War. The Fyrreid battled the demons invading what they now considered to be their home world.

Fyrreid are indistinguishable from other fire archons but have a much deeper culture and strong heritage of service to Surtur. They take pride in knowing that they never lost a battle versus the demons in the Demon Spawn War. In this war, a group of them signed up as mercenaries to Asmodeus. They ended up staying in the Aerie of Dragons after the war, then moving into the fiery reaches of Adunamar when it was learned that that this area was much hotter and volcanic than the surface.

Most Fyrreid are concentrated in the wasteland Agulbandal and are citizens of Surticon.

Racial Traits
Racial as fire archon