RegionMalurn, Vhurghad

Lyrmadis is a great lava river of the continent Gorejun. It begins at the Felân-Akthûl where three rivulets of lava spill out of head-shaped structures of gargantuan proportions. The three rivulets of lava form the head of Lyrmadis. The molten river flows south through the Flaming Belt, fed along the way by lava flows that periodically discharge from the area's volcanoes. The river ends at the structure Felân-Dûl. At this structure the lava river passes through a wall of shimmering energy that turns it back into sea water. This magical conversion is akin to what happens at the Felân-Akthûl. The lava now turned sea water exits from the western side of Felân-Dûl where it joins up with the river Gilan-Gûlin.

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