Inirthak - Murkin

Murkin is a large lake north of the Orchish citadel Othragmac. The lake's main source of inflow is the Gloril river.

Murkin has long been a bountiful fishery and trade way for the settlements along its shores. Since the Horgon Era it has also been the source of Kuo-toa slavers and plunderers. These aquatic humanoids come to the lake by way of an intra-system rift named the Murkin Channel. It links Murkin with an Underdark lake in Ikešai. In Murkin, the gate entrance is near the lake's bottom. Most of the kuo-toan raiders that come through the rift and raid the shores and lands around Murkin are subjects of Fongruk-Toa. In the First Epoch, a big raid wiped out the Elalmoth. The invaders were an allied army of Fongruk-Toa kuo-toans and a Ginrall army staffed by mind flayer captains and grimlock infantry.

The deepest part of the lake is 1,800'. In this area is a cloud of inky black water, the entrance to the Murkin Channel. Beneath the murky waters of this lake are countless crystals and hard gemstones, such as quartz. These rocks are a major trade goods for the locals. Divers frequently descend into the depths with special diving gear to plunder the resource rich lake bottom. Some even think that the kuo-toa plants these prizes down there to lure in potential slaves. Another threat in the lake are undead serpents created by the Úrwath. They are employed to guard these divers against the bothersome kuo-toa and other lake predators.

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