RegionLands of Purity

Aryon is a tangled evergreen forest of the Lands of Purity. It is sited atop a plateau valley of Milpandien. Wood elves of Galadriƫl patrol this area. They deter any travelers from exploring the ancient ruin Orchirion. This divine built place is nestled among the rocky crags and waterfalls.

Aryon is the only place in the world where ironhue trees grow. In the Creation War and the Demon Spawn War, soldiers of the Hedge Legion were buried in this area. Some believe that ironhue is timber that has grown up over the resting place of a Hedge Legionnaire.

The ogres of Aryon are constant nuisance to Galadriƫl. They are periodically kept in check by large elven war parties that spend months in these highlands hunting ogres.

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