Stahdim Goz Holy Mounts

island of Stahdim Goz
LocationSea of Mourning
AliasHoly Mounts
MapStahdim Goz

Stahdim Goz is a chain of islands south of Hiznaar Goz. The islands were once volcanic, losing their fires half-way into the Horgon Era. The five dead cones now serve as the lair for silver dragons.

The silver dragons of Stahdim Goz do not let any evil creatures set foot on the islands. They go on forays, attacking any ships flying the flags of the Black Tide or those servicing Torvild.

The Tintibulus Chute and the broken artifact at the heart of the triton city Amphitrite make the seas north of these islands very stormy. As a result, most shipping goes south of the islands before heading to the ports of Hiznaar Goz.

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