SmithGliril One-Eye
EnchanterShiron, half-ogre concubine

Talengrak is a +3 one-handed battle-axe. This item was made for the head chef serving the leaders of Khatúlg. It was crafted to be a meat cleaver. The head chef was a obese and crafty ogre-magi named Sik-Kurg. During one of his meal preparations for a gathering of Toomrur chieftains at Khatúlg, this Sik-Kurg found himself much short of required meat. If he did not prepare the required entries of meat for this great banquet, he knew that his punishment would be torture and death. So, this chef turned to a friend who happened to be a Thorarmorn guard (Thorarmorn is a prison underneath Khatúlg). The guard supplied Sik-Kurg with hobgoblins prisoners.

The banquet was a smash with the guests commenting on the great taste of the meat. Thereafter, Sik-Kurg butchered many prisoners with his favorite meat cleaver Talengrak. Sik-Kurg had magic put to the axe, so as to enhance its edge and weight. The side affect of all the murderers with this weapon caused an evil to taint it. After it was magicked, the weapon grew a bit more evil with each murder. Sik-Kurg used it for 24 years. The last time he used it, he died. He had another banquet to prepare for, this one between the Ogre Lord Elargril and a concubine. He could not get prisoners since his friend had been killed in a prison riot the week before, so Sik-Kurg went to tell Elargril of the problem, hoping that he would be willing to substitute lamb or some other lesser meat for the meal. Elargril told him that the shortage of meat was his problem and that he must find some, and then turned away. Sik-Kurg, not even realizing what he was doing, pulled out Talengrak and killed Elargril with a single blow to the head. He then butchered the ogre lord and started preparing a great feast. The guards followed the blood trail, summarily killing Sik-Kurg for the murder of an Ogre Lord.

Talengrak became fully sentient when Sik-Kurg died. The chef's soul now lives in his favorite meat cleaver.

Talengrak loves blood and urges its wielder to kill for it. After striking an opponent it grows more brutal and wicked appearing. The weapon speaks and is very communicative. It also knows a lot about cooking and the preparation of meats.

The weapon went missing after the death of Sik-Kurg. Nearly 150 winters later, the weapon was recovered from Thunder Halls by a band of adventurers.

Alignmentneutral evil
Weapon Immunity Talengrak is immune to fire and lightning continuous
Great Throw double range of a throwing hand-axe and returns continuous
Sadism sadism, as spell1/day
Ogre Strength wielder has ogre strength (strength 21), or their own if bettercontinuous