Hoof of Gluttony

Famine Spirit
Typegreat club
ForgeJofgried Titan Forge (Jofgried)

The Hoof of Gluttony is a +5 over-sized great club. The entire weapon is made of fire scorched bone - having once been the right rear leg of an overly obese and ill-fated jara. This jara was called the Fat One. Obviously, this was not his original name, but one of disdain bestowed upon him by other jara.

The Fat One was a centaur abomination that loved to eat. He, like other jara feed on the dead, including their own that fall in battle. The Fat One would not think twice before ending the miserable life of a severely wounded jara, and then feast on the still warm body. In the Siege of Amanwen, the elves recorded that he was three times the weight of the largest jara, a fat monstrosity that moved at a crawl compared to the fast hooves of his brethren. After the fall of Amanwen, the Jara Khan Gorum ordered the Fat One driven from the tribes and forbidden from joining a war band. When the jara retired from the smoking ruins of Amanwen, the Fat One remained behind, gorging himself on the dead for a week. When an Angrod war party came to survey the ruins, they found him and emptied their quivers. They claim they put more than four hundred arrows into him before he breathed his last. His body was put into a bonfire with hundreds of other dead.

Decades later, the only intact bones that remained in the vicinity was the fire-scorched leg of the Fat One. This was hauled out of the ruin by a team of goblins and taken to Thranerch. The Fat One's leg was taken by a goblin shaman to the legendary forge at Jofgried. At this special forge the bones were imbued with voodoo magic, and said to have hungrily absorbed the enchantments.

The Hoof of Gluttony has a storied past, much of it lost. The last time it showed up in history was when the Ogre Lord Agdúm wielded it in the battles with the hobgoblins of Gorkith. In the third month of 1303, Agdúm began to change from his constant eating. He grew obese and distant to his duties as a leader. He became more concerned when the next meal was happening than the important duties as a war band leader comprising nine ogre tribes. When he became dreadfully slow in battle and was caught eating his brethren, his lieutenants had had enough, one struck him, and the others soon followed suit.

Ogre Lord Agdúm was buried with honors in one of the many barrows of Mauhúlfúr. A shaman council stated that it was the accursed weapon that brought his downfall, and that his recent dereliction of duty should be stricken from record and forgotten, and instead he should be remembered as a great warmonger and leader.

A century or so later, Agdúm's last days with the Hoof of Gluttony were apparently forgotten, because Ogre Lord Morbakh set his sights on plundering the Barrow of Agdúm. Unfortunately, he did not make it out of the place as one of the living. After grabbing the Hoof of Gluttony from the bony embrace of Agdúm, he was killed by the powerful bride-daughter ghost of Agdúm and infused with fell necromantic energies. He rose from the cold barrow earth from some sort of curse - Agdúm's Curse, and was now a dreadful undead called a famine spirit. He was not just an ordinary famine spirit, but one bolstered by Rioch Tetrax, a Taln'nazân Famine Spirit-King.

The Hoof of Gluttony is still wielded by Morbakh, making him a terribly dangerous foe to encounter.

Feeding Time functions as a vampiric ring of regeneration, with these temporary hit points limited to 150 and fading away at 10/hourcontinuous
Jara Curse humanoids slain by the weapon are raised as monster centaur zombies. The wielder can control one centaur zombie they have created for every two levels of experiencecontinuous
Titan Craft because it enchanted at the Jofgried Titan Forge, it functions as one weapon size larger for damagecontinuous
Bane of the Fat One consuming the dead heals the wielder, this triggers the item to act as a ring of regeneration until lunch time of the next daycontinuous
Overconsumption the weapon, and the wielder smell of wretched bodily gases which requires anyone with a constitution of less than 13 to make a Fortitude DC20 or fall down wretching uncontrollably for 1-4 roundscontinuous