Mauhúlfúr Barrow

Mauhúlfúr is a sacred burial area for the Toomrur inhabiting eastern Grashakh and the territories of the Ogre Union. This valley is sited in the southeastern lowlands of Turak. The massive burial mounds of Mauhúlfúr are easily visible from Mallimir. Most are built atop hills and other rocky outcroppings. The Mauhúlfúr tombs house the deceased Ogre Lords that served the Toomrur tribes and then the chieftains and lords of Ogre Union. The ogres have been burying their dead lords here for thousands of years so their are hundreds of barrows in the area.

These barrows are not maintained, so some hold monsters and others are haunted with undead, with a few being ancient Ogre Lords that have embraced a sort of warrior lichdom. Beneath the surface, many of the barrows have small labyrinths beneath them. Over the ages, many of these have been interconnected forming a vast labyrinth called Inanweg.

His first day on the job, the goblin scout asks his superior, "It is said that since the barrows are spread all over the valley, you could bypass part of the valley, by finding the nearest barrow and using the Underdark route."

In charge of caravan security, his lieutenant grunts, "Uh huh." Seeing the goblin look at with squinting eyes, he takes a more professional tone, "You see on the surface, you have a lot of directions to run, pick any degree on the wheel, in the the Realm of Krephus, your in a passage, a cave, no sky to fly off to freedom. There are dangers down there to be sure, so you might have to backtrack miles to avoid it, or even be forced to go through an area that is not on any maps. The underground maps we get are outdated the day we get them, sometimes they are a year old."

The carriage driver said to the two guards, before stepping down, "Taking Inanweg to bypass a threat should be your last choice."

- Tynguld, poison dusk merchant, from his journal of the Dumugon-Mauhúlfúr-Khatúlg Passage - "Inanweg, if you have to"

Mauhúlfúr has a high number of black puddings and giant slugs. The Orgak are blamed for this. This Toomrur tribe used to worship the demon lord Juiblex. These demon worshipers had a prominent temple in the great labyrinth beneath Mauhúlfúr. The temple is said to periodically spit out puddings and slugs from its central altar.

The bleak landscape and hostile creatures surrounding the Mauhúlfúr barrows are generally avoided by all but the most powerful of adventuring groups. Even with the horrors of the area, the Toomrur continue to make pilgrimages to the tombs and bury their leaders.

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