Harpies of Sistix

Sistix is an cold bay of northern Skegjold. It sits between Cleoxhar and the northern walls of Izgarrêth. The coastline is rugged with many caves and sea caves. It has long been the home to harpies, werewolves, hags, Piamauza and Corralum witches, mischievous fey, and other sorts that refuse to bend a knee to the powers that have risen and fallen around them. When pressed by large forces seeking to subjugate the area, they disappear and avoid contact. They then turn to picking off the force at night, usually taking out patrols and night watchmen. The Draguron and the Khazarkar Empire learned that the threat level of the area can be controlled but not neutralized. As a result there are no settlements in the area until one comes within ten miles of Balmoloch.